Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cancellation notice?

The cancellation notice is only two (2) months for an office and one (1) month for a desk. You’re never stuck with a long-term rental agreement.

How much is the deposit for a desk or office?

The deposit for a desk or office is one month’s rent.

21% VAT

All prices mentioned on this website are excluding 21% VAT.

Our role

Collective Workspace Maastricht manages the THS Collab workspace in the Sphinx Area of Maastricht and the CWM Centre workspace in the centre of Maastricht. There’s no difference in applying via the TSH Collab website or Collective Workspace Maastricht. Besides this we also aim to connect communities via projects and events for all partners in Maastricht and surrounding (Euregio).

Is there parking available at the workspaces?

Yes! Prices for a parking spot nearby any of the workspaces vary from 25-75€ per month. They are not managed by us, but we can deliver the contacts for getting a parking space.

How do I become a workspace partner?

To become a partner of the community, contact us via

At what times/days can I work in the workspaces?

At Centre: 7 days per week, from 8:00 — 23:00. At TSH Collab: 7 days per week, at any time. For flexi spots at TSH Collab: only weekdays, from 8:00 — 18:00.

Can I register my business at the address of the workspace?

Yes, you’re able to register your business address at our spaces.

Can I have my mail delivered at the workspaces?

Yes, mail delivery is included in for all members.

What can you tell me about the community?

The Collective Workspace Community consists of a close-knit group of like minded professionals who enjoy working together professionally and are in frequent social contact through, for example, weekly Friday Drinks, yearly outings and monthly events — organised by Collective Workspace Maastricht or our partners.

Who works at the workspaces?

We welcome any type of professional from a variety of fields. Cross-pollination of ideas, projects and co-operations are a common occurrence between our members.

How does working at a collective workspace further my business?

In our experience, by becoming a part of the Collective Workspace Community, your network grows exponentially. As a platform, the community has a unique potential to get your name and work out there for others to become acquainted with.